Mom’s the Word

Our Jewish guest is Catherine Reitman, creator and star of the Netflix show Workin’ Moms. She tells us how spending Mother’s Day after her first child was born on a film set far from her family inspired her to create the show, which follows four mothers as they navigate their personal and professional lives after having children.

We also talk to Judith Rosenbaum, executive director of the Jewish Women’s Archive, about their new initiative to honor all the inspirational women in our lives.

Our gentile of the week is Karen Malone Wright, founder of The Not Mom, an online space for women who do not have children, either by choice or by chance. She tells us what not to say to a woman who doesn’t have children, on Mother’s Day or any day, and what she’s learned from the childless and child-free women around the world who have attended her Not Mom summits.

Plus, producer Josh Kross brings us an unexpected story of an escape from Russia.

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