Episode 82 – Crashing On The Hudson

Two Nice Jewish Boys

Two Nice Jewish Boys

It was a cold January afternoon in New York City when Adir Freilich boarded US Airways flight 1549 to Charlotte, North Carolina. He was on his way to Myrtle Beach to visit his grandparents. But Adir wasn’t destined to end up in Myrtle Beach that day. No, Adir ended up in the Hudson River.

The aircraft was in command of Captain Chesley (“Sully”) Sullenberg , a 57 year old former fighter pilot who had over 25 years of experience as an airline pilot. About 2 minutes after takeoff, flight 1549 struck a flock of Canada Geese. All engine power was lost. The events that followed are truly stranger than fiction.

Adir Freilich joins us today to share with us his first hand account of the Miracle on the Hudson.

Photo by: Greg L

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