Episode 42: The Wall Part III – The Invisibles

Walls are something you can see. Something you can touch. Something you can run into and get a nasty bump on your head. Or… are they?! In our episode today – part three of our miniseries – we tell the stories of three walls that won’t appear on your typical map. Three walls you’d probably miss unless you heard about them, well… here. But don’t think that makes them less significant or present in daily Israeli society. Not at all. In fact, they help us trace our history all the way from its earliest beginnings to its menacing future.

The original music in this episode was composed, arranged, and performed by the Israel Story band led by Ari Wenig and Dotan Moshonov, together with Ruth Danon, Eden Djamchid and Ronnie Wagner-Schmidt. The new lyrics to Leonard Bernstein’s “Maria” (or “Moriah”) were written by Ari Wenig, who also sang it. The end song is our band’s cover of Shomer HaChomot (“The Keeper of the Walls”), written by Dan Almagor, composed by Benny Nagari and originally performed by Zevet Havay Pikkud HaMerkaz. Additional music by Broke For Free, Lee Rosevere, Dotan Moshonov, Yochai Maital, Podington Bear, Kevin MacLeod, Biz Baz Studio, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, Sensorama, Wayne Jones and the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. This episode was edited by Sara Ivry, Yochai Maital and Zev Levi, and was mixed by Adam Milliner and Kfir Shai.

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