Episode 146 – An Israeli Journalist in the Heart of Syria

Civil war. Child soldiers. Sex slaves. Underground torture chambers. And an army of women rebels. This probably sounds like the stuff of a dystopian sci-fi film to you. But the tragic truth is that this a reality, today.

Northern Syria. 2014. The lives of the citizens of the are already pretty dark. But their lives are about to become a hell on earth. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS, manages to overrun the Assad Loyalists and maintain a stronghold in the are..

Women are raped and forced to bear children who are then taken from them and trained to kill. Everybody is in danger of being arrested, tortured and killed.

Into this hellhole, steps Efrat Lachter. Efrat is an investigative journalist for Ulpan Shishi, Israeli’s prime time weekly news show on Friday evenings. She has a masters from Tel Aviv University in Political Science and Government. A few months ago Efrat flew into the center of the storm, Raqqa, Syria. She came back with a story, which had it not been documented, would’ve been hard to believe.

We are thrilled to have Efrat on the podcast with us today to tell us her story.

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