Episode 106 – Writing an Amazon #1 Bestseller

Americans love reading. And often, more than 140 characters. While here in Israel the number of book readers is at a constant decline – the US book industry is flourishing – not without the help of course of Amazon and others who ushered the book into the digital age.

The e-book revolution brought a true disruption to the field of novel writing. Now, when you no longer need a publisher to get your book out there, many aspiring authors try their luck by digitally publishing their own work, and some even succeed and make money.

In recent years, Israel has become a major player in exporting content in fields like TV shows, reality formats and even documentary films, but you don’t often hear about the modern Israeli novelist.

That is, before Mike Omer. Mike was your regular Israeli. A bright young man, pursuing a promising career in High-Tech. But one day he decided to quit his day job and make an old dream come true – he decided he’d be a novelist.
Not long after that, and his most recent book, A Killers Mind, has climbed to number 1 on Amazon’s best seller list.
How did he do it? We’re very happy to have the man himself, Mike Omer, here with us, to tell his story.

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