Episode #101: Panic! at the Knesset (feat. Akiva Eldar)

Last week, something unprecedented happened in Israel: After a bruising election, no party was able to form a government. So, their legislature, the Knesset, disbanded and decided to hold an entirely new election this September. There’s a lot at stake for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the next fourteen weeks, with indictments looming and party feuds brewing. So how did this all happen? And what waits ahead for Netanyahu? Phil and Cooper break down the timeline of events and speak with Israel Pulse columnist Akiva Eldar for more insight.

Read more: https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/podcasts/2019/06/episode-101-panic-at-the-knesset-feat-akiva-eldar.html#ixzz5tZAYDfLV

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