Episode #081: Peace Out 2018 (feat. Bryant Harris & A Cavalcade of Guests!)

How will we miss 2018? Let me count the ways. Alright, we’re done – let’s get this year over with. Phil and Cooper speak with Al-Monitor’s Congressional Correspondent Bryant Harris about the recent Senate vote on Yemen, and we will hear from him and many other Al-Monitor editors and columnists about their predictions for the coming year, featuring Mazal Mualem, Daoud Kuttab, Laura Rozen, Mohammad Shabbani, Ali Mamouri, Amberin Zaman, and Max Suchkov. Also, give a warm welcome to guest host, the late John McLaughlin. 

Read more: https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/podcasts/2018/11/episode-081-peace-out-2018-feat-bryant-harris–a-cavalcade-of-gu.html#ixzz5adRwy6K2

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