All in the Family

First, Mark sits down with Yiscah Smith, a Jewish educator, spiritual activist, and author. Yiscah discussed her journey as a trans woman and teacher of Torah—and offered surprising insights into how the great spiritual Zionist Rav Abraham Kook was instrumental along the way. Her documentary, I Was Not Born a Mistake, will be shown at the New York Jewish Film Festival on Tuesday, Jan. 21. More info here.

Our next guest is Dani Dayan, Israel’s consul general in New York. Liel spoke with him about the communities he’s prioritized outreach to, the challenge he faces in getting Israeli and American Jews to understand each other, and his solutions to that challenge.

And finally, Mark speaks with Dr. Carol Gilligan, feminist activist and NYU professor, about anti-Semitism and the Women’s March, which takes place this weekend across the country.

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