#186 – LIVE: Coronavirus, Politics and Reality TV (Roy Iddan)

It’s officially the end of the world, so we thought we’d do one last, no holds barred, all-in, episode extraordinaire! And who better to do that with that an old friend of the podcast, the man, the legend, the one who a Mako blog recently described as “pretentious, possessing an awful sense of humor, nerdy, out of his element, with a hint of personal and professional self-disappointment.”, ladies and gentlemen, Roy Iddan!

Roy Iddan is a scriptwriter, he’s created and/or written many Israeli TV shows. Roy was also the production designer for the 2009 MTV show Dj & the Fro. But that’s only by day, by night, Roy is a political columnist, radio show host and even a political consultant for various campaigns. cough cough Likud cough cough Blue and White cough cough.

We’re super thrilled to have Roy Iddan on the show today to talk about Corona, Politics and being on Reality TV!

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