#151 – Reporting From The Most Dangerous Places on Earth

If you’re looking for a stable, financially secure, safe career, one profession you definitely want to stay as far away as you can from is journalism. There’s a reason Jewish mothers aren’t praying for their kids to become doctors, lawyers, or journalists. But at the end of the day, journalism is one of the main pillars of modern society, and many would even say it’s a pillar of democracy.

Itai Anghel is a household name in Israel. But while his name lives comfortably in every home in Israel, Itai himself does quite the opposite. Since the early 90s, Itai has been flying to and covering the most conflict ridden regions in the world. From Bosnia, Rwanda and Kosovo in the 90s to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon in the 2000s. This decade Itai has covered the Civil War in Syria and the war against ISIS in Iraq. While most wars drive people away, it seems that war draws Itai Anghel in.

Itai started his career out, as many journalists in Israel do, in the Army Radio. He worked as a reporter for Israel’s prime time Friday Night news show, Ulpan Shishi, where he prepared documentary pieces. And later he worked for Uvda, one of Israel’s leading news magazine shows.

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